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General Tourist Questions Questions about attractions, venues, areas, locations, sightseeing, tours or any question related to Los Angeles tourism or tourist attractions.
Hotel Recommendations This category has additional questions to help refine your hotel recommendations. Most questions are optional.
Transportation Questions How to get to Los Angeles, how to get around, how to get out of here, or anything else related to transportation.
Comments About LAtourist.com Comments or suggestions related to features and options for the website at LAtourist.com
URL Suggestions Suggest a URL or other resource to list at LAtourist.com. Please be aware that due to the high volume of URL requests, very few are actually added to the website.
All Other Questions If your question doesn't fit into any of the other categories, or if you're just not sure which to select, then use this category and we'll figure out the best way to route the Help Desk Request.

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